The Michigan House Hotel and Buffet has occupied the corner of 6th and Oak Streets in Calumet, MI since at least 1895 according to newspaper records of the time. It was the Anglo-American Hotel in 1893; the Fox and Everts saloon on the ground floor of the building was known as “Michigan House”. Bosch Brewing razed that structure in 1905 and erected the present building during that year. Bosch built several fine establishments to market their brew to area patrons.

The Michigan House Cafe has a large ceiling mural painted by the Milwaukee Artist’s Association depicting a happy brew-filled picnic and dated l906. Some historians felt the Michigan House was the only establishment built near the Calumet Theatre that offered a restaurant, bar, and hotel.

The massive wooden Bar, ornate fireplace, hand-pieced tile floors, and Restaurant “gallery of old objects” are as original as possible. The second floor is slowly being renovated and now offers two suites for overnight lodging.

It is our goal to honor the incredible history of the Calumet area during boom Copper years – the stories of determination, hard work, and family foremost.

~ Tim & Sue Bies

Business Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Noon –8:00 pm
Friday and Saturday
Noon – 9:00 pm
We are closed every Wednesday and Sunday

Spring and Fall Cleaning and Maintenance:
We close every Spring beginning the day after Mother’s Day and every Fall beginning on Halloween. We re-open typically a week later. Cleaning and maintenance projects that are extensive are accomplished then. This 110 year old building is a wonderful work-in-progress and requires a little extra care.