Red Jacket Brewing Company

A well selected beer can transform your meal from “good fuel” to an experience that entertains your senses. While wines may complement many meals, beer pairs well with most foods we eat everyday and a great beer is quite affordable. Beer has many styles and flavors to consider.

Red Jacket Brewing’s Oatmeal Espress is a classic stout – pouring almost black due to the espresso. It is very smooth, not heavy or bitter, with very modest sweetness and a full round malt flavor. It pairs well with a dish that is also strong flavored such as the Cedar Planked Trout, the Black and Blue Burger or our Stout Beef and Kidney Bean Chili.

Also by Red Jacket Brewing is Our Brown Ale – a British brown ale style with clean crisp malt on the palate. This adds a new dimension to one of our burger choices – particularly the Gipp Burger.

The Smooth Trail PaleĀ Ale we offer (by Red Jacket Brewing) is an American Pale Ale style crafted with Canadian 2-row Malt and White Wheat. It is highly drinkable and pairs well with all of our chicken paninis, and is great with Pesto Pasta.