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House Pour Wines

By the glass… $5.00
By the bottle…$17.50

Domaine Astruc Chardonnay (France)
A region of France famous for its champagnes also produces a fine Chardonnay.  The wine pours a light golden, not overly oaked, with intense aromas of tropical and dried fruits on a vanilla finish.  This delicate wine pairs well with fresh Lake Trout.

Dante Cabernet Sauvignon (California)
This Cabernet can easily become your favorite table wine.  Sourced primarily from Lodi, the wine carries a lot of depth and complexity with rich and flavorful hints of ripe raspberry and a velvety smooth finish.  Enjoy with charbroiled burgers.

Concannon Pinot Grigio (California)
This Pinot Grigio is medium bodied with rich flavors of apple and pear complemented by hints of floral for a crisp clean finish.  Mouthfeel is lively with an excellent harmony of fruit and acid.  Enjoy this with our Grilled Trout.

Trinity Oaks Pinot Noir (California)
This Pinot Noir delivers flavors and aromas of black cherry, raspberry, pomegranate, cocoa, black tea, orange peel, and a hint of smokiness.  Pairs beautifully with robust cheese such as in the Cobb Salad or with the Black and Blue Burger.  Trinity Oaks funds the planting of one tree for each bottle of wine sold.

Lo Duca Sangiovese (Italy)
This spectacular Italian Red Wine captures the hearty quintessence of the Sangiovese grape.  This 100% varietal is a generous and dry wine with a characteristic aroma and straight-forward abundant taste.  Its the entrancing bouquet and the intensity of its perfectly delicate wine that complements pasta and meat dishes.

Line 34 Merlot (Argentina)
Deep ruby red in color, this is a generous, delicate wine which reaches complexity with the presence of spicy notes and sweet tannins.  The winery is named in honor of the vineyard spreading down to latitude 34 degrees south.  Pairs well with our House Steak or Pesto Pasta with Steak Medallions.

Forgotten Fire Cranberry (Wisconsin)
Forgotten Fire Winery is named in honor of the Great Peshtigo Fire of 1871.  This happened during the same era of the Great Chicago Fire, with greater losses than Chicago but it wasn’t in Chicago after all.  This wine is an International Double Gold Medal winner and is made with Wisconsin-grown cranberries.  Semi-sweet, fresh and distinct!

45 North Riesling (Michigan)
This is a juicy, mouthwatering, easy to get along with wine.  The refreshing fruit flavors complement a wide range of foods from chicken and hamburgers to a large salad.

Menage a Trois Moscato (California)

“A beautiful wine for everyday life.”  We still hear great stories about “in the old days” when Moscato was brought to Calumet in bulk in railroad cars in the early 20th century.  This Moscato has brilliant juicy grapes with alluring floral aromas, succulent juicy peach, and the golden sweet, slight tart taste of apricot and lime.

Line 34 Merlot (Argentina)

Deep ruby red in color, this is a generous, delicate wine which reaches complexity with the presence of spicy notes and sweet tannins.  The winery is named in honor of the vineyard spreading down to latitude 34 degrees south.  Pairs very well with our Housesteak!

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Wines by the Bottle

Antigal Malbec Uno (Argentina)…$21.00
A beautiful Argentinean vintage with bright natural acidity that heightens irresistible plum and cherry while a touch of vanilla, chocolate and dulce de leche add complexity.  This seductively silky violet red wine pairs well with robust dishes (Cedar Trout) and all red meats.

Coppola Claret (1910 Type)  (California)…$23.00
Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Claret is their signature offering.  Claret is a Cabernet Sauvignon based wine, blended in the classic Bordeaux style, that exhibits exceptional depth and texture with truly unique flavors.  Perfect with the Michigan House Ribeye!

Campus Oaks Old Vine Zinfandel   (California)… $19.00
Hand selected grapes from 80 year old vines, this wine is a deep royal red with wonderful fruit aroma.  It has jammy raspberry, blackberry and cherry on the palate and finishes with rich, silky soft spices wrapped in vanilla.  The unique power but softness of this wine makes this a versatile match at the table.

Gnarly Head 1924 Double Black  (California)…$24.00
1924 – The heart of the Prohibition Era and wine’s darkest hour when it was deemed illegal.  It was also the year this winery first planted vineyards in California.  Story goes that some of these grapes might have been used to make wine.  For those that dared to toil in the black-market of winemaking, field blends were the wine of choice and a crowd favorite at speakeasies across the country.  This limited edition 1924 Double Black delivers dark, rich fruit flavors, spice notes and a deep full-bodied palate in the style reminiscent of the Prohibition Era.

Forty Five North Unwooded Chardonnay (Michigan)…$20.00
Dried tropical fruits, ripe pineapple and a slight lemon on the nose.  The tropical profile continues on the palate with a juicy middle, finishing with a fruit-filled linger.  Pairs well with chicken, trout and Baked Havarti.

Taonga Sauvignon Blanc  (New Zealand)…$18.00
This Sauvignon Blanc has classic citrus and tropical fruit aromas.  The flavors of stone fruit, fig, gooseberry and grapefruit are complemented by crisp acidity and a juicy, refreshing finish.  Certified sustainable by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand.  Taonga is the Maori word for “treasured gift” and this Sauvignon epitomizes what New Zealand wine is all about!

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Domestic Beer

Budweiser and Bud Light…$3.00
Busch Light…$3.00

Busch N/A  $3.00
Coors Light…$3.00
Miller High Life…$3.00
Miller Lite…$3.00
Michelob Ultra…$3.00

Pabst Blue Ribbon … $3.00

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Domestic Craft Beer

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin (California)…$4.00

Barrel and Beam Blanc Du Nord  (Michigan)…$6.00

Barrel and Beam Pivot Point Bier d’Garde (Michigan)…$8.00

Bell’s Double Cream Stout (Michigan)…$3.50

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale (Michigan)…$3.50

Big Lake Brewing Blood Orange Haze IPA (Michigan) …$6.00

Blue Moon Belgian Ale (Colorado)…$3.50

Blackrocks 51K IPA (Michigan)…$3.50

Deschutes Obsidian Stout (Oregon)..  $4.00

Dogfish Head Seaquench Ale (Delaware)…$4.00

Elysian Space Dust IPA  (Washington)…$4.00

Founders Dirty Bastard Ale (Michigan)…$3.50

Founders Rubaeus (Michigan) …$4.50

New Belgium Trippel  (Colorado)…$3.50

Ommegang Three Philosophers (New York)…$8.00

Paw Paw Jake’s Vanilla Bean Porter (Michigan)…$3.50

Pigeon Hill Salted Caramel Porter (Michigan) ..$3.50

Right Brain Brewing Cake Walk Cream Ale (Michigan) ..$3.50

Right Brain Brewing Chocolate Espresso Oatmeal (CEO) Stout… $4.50

Right Brain Brewing Spinal Tapper … $3.50

Rochester Mills Milk Shake Stout (Michigan) …$4.00

Short’s Bellaire Brown (Michigan) ..$3.50

Short’s Black Cherry Porter (Michigan) ..$4.50

Shorts Huma Lupa Licious (Michigan) ..$3.50

Short’s Local Light (Michigan) ..$3.50

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (California)…$3.50

Upper Hand Brewery UPA  (Michigan)…$3.50

Upper Hand Brewery Light Lager (Michigan)…$3.50

Widow Maker Black Ale (Michigan)…$3.50

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Imported Craft Beer

Ayinger Hefeweizen (Germany)…$6.50

Corona and Corona Light (Mexico)…$3.50

Duvel Strong Ale (Belgium)…$7.00

Heineken and Heineken Light (Netherlands)…$3.50

Korbinian (Germany)…$7.50

Labatt Blue, Labatt Blue Light (Canada)…$3.50

New Castle Brown  (Netherlands)…$3.50

Paulaner Hefeweizen (Germany)…$4.00

Stella Artois (Belgium)…$3.50

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Beer on Tap From Red Jacket Brewing Company

By the pint…$5.00
By the pitcher…$16.00

Oatmeal Espress Stout
Red Jacket Brewing’s flagship brew, a deep black classic stout with soft caramel head.  Malty nose of espresso.  Smooth, medium bodied dry stout with a mild hops-espresso finish.  A highly drinkable sipping stout that would pair well with a charbroiled steak or burger. ABV 6.5%

Our Brown Ale
Brewed to honor our Historic Downtown, this English Brown Ale pours a beautiful chestnut with a full malty nose.  There is clean, crisp malt on the palate – well balanced with medium body.  A hint of citrus and hops on the finish – very refreshing.  ABV 6.0%

Smooth Trail Pale Ale
Brewed to celebrate the hearts of skiers and mushers alike, this is equally pleasing to summer enthusiasts.  This is an unfiltered American Pale Ale crafted primarily of Canadian 2-row Malt and White Wheat Malt.  The result is a highly drinkable Pale Ale; 32.4 IBUs and ABV of 7.0%

Keweenaw Cowboy IPA
A refreshing full-flavored American IPA that stands up well to hops fans.  This brew is primarily Canadian 2-row malt with Munich Malt and White Wheat Malt.  Cascade and Columbus hops top off the flavor.  56 IBUs and ABV of 7.5%

There may be other beers on tap available from our brewhouse depending on the season.  Ask your server.

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Pairing beer with food and more…

Beer has been paired with food for centuries.  The characteristics of body, freshness, sweetness and bitterness in a beer are achieved through the balanced combination of its principal ingredients: malted barley, grains, water, hops and yeast – as well as the way temperature is controlled during fermentation.

There are several ways that beer interacts with the taste of food.  A sip of cold beer after tasting spicy or seasoned food, can clean and clear the palate – the beer cutting the flavor of the seasonings.  With fried dishes or those prepared with cheese, the lightly bitter flavor of beer has the same effect.  The more neutral the flavor of the beer, without strongly bitter or malty overtones – the better it will be at cutting the flavors of food.

In other instances, beer complements the food’s character – much like wine pairing with food.  Strongly malted beers full in body are especially suited to accompany meats and cheeses.  Dry and lightly bitter brews complement more delicately flavored dishes – such as Grilled Trout.

Beer can also be selected to contrast simple, hearty flavors such as our Barbecue Ribs or the Peppadew Panini.  In these cases, what stands out is usually the taste of the beer.   This contrast can amplify the enjoyment of the beer’s exquisite taste.

Craft beers have many styles and flavors to consider.  The Brewer’s Association of America recognizes 83 categories of beer style, plus a daunting additional 82 subcategories of beer style in their Great American Beer Festival.

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