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Sandwiches and Wraps
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Slices of toasted farm bread, broiled with a layer of herbed feta spread and topped with a refreshing blend of fresh diced tomatoes, onions, herbs and balsamic vinegar…$9.50

Potato Skins
Baked potato skins stuffed with bacon, onions, and tomatoes.  Topped with melted jack and Cheddar cheeses, and served with a ranch dipping sauce…$9.75

Potato Chip Basket
Fresh potatoes thinly sliced and deep fried daily in our kitchen.  A wonderful potato chip!…$4.00

Potato Chips and Dip
The same great chips basket above served with warm spinach, artichoke, and mozzarella cheese dip…$9.00

Baked Havarti
This dish begins with a savory portion of dill Havarti cheese, wrapped in a light pastry and baked to a golden brown.  Drizzled with a tart raspberry glaze, this is an original!…$9.95


These are fresh jumbo wings charbroiled with seasonings and then finished in a saute pan with our own slightly spicy Alabama Sause.  Your order is one pound of wings (weight after grilling) and usually has 9 wing portions.  These are really delicious!  $13.95

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House French Onion Soup
A gentle blend of onions, garlic, and herbs in a beef broth topped with crispy croutons and finished with Swiss and Parmesan cheeses melted on top…$6.95

Stout Beef and Kidney Bean Chili
Delicious English Pub recipe (that includes our Oatmeal Stout) served in a crusty French bread boule, and garnished with sour cream…$7.50

Soup of the Day
Our soup are all made from scratch in house.   The bowl of soup will be served with a crusty French bread boule.
Bowl of soup (12 oz.)…$7.50
Cup of soup (6 oz.)…$3.50

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Michigan House Burger
Grilled ½ lb. fresh Certified Choice Hereford Beef served on a whole grain kaiser roll.  Accompanied by a generous serving of home cut fries, lettuce, a fresh onion slice, and a dill pickle…$10.75

Black and Blue Burger
This is the Michigan House Burger above blackened with a melted blue cheese topping…$12.50

The Gipp Burger
In honor of George “the Gipper” Gipp, a burger with a “kick”.  The Michigan House Burger topped with deep fried onion tanglers and a delicious chipotle sauce.  Served on a three grain bun, your burger arrives with home cut fries, lettuce and a dill pickle.  (George worked as a waiter at the Michigan House about 1912 – prior to leaving for Notre-Dame)…$12.50

The Black Jack
The Michigan House Burger blackened and topped with bacon and Monterey Jack cheese…$12.50

The Ferganburger
(for those watching their carbohydrates).  ½ lb Certified Choice Hereford ground beef patty charbroiled to order with lettuce, onion, and tomato garnish (no bun).  Accompanied by a dinner salad…$9.95

The Oliveburger

The Michigan House Burger topped with sliced green olives and Cheddar cheese… $12.50

We are happy to  offer the ‘Walnut Burger” from the historic Trempealeau Hotel in Wisconsin as our vegetarian substitute for any of the above burger choices.  It is a seasoned walnut and cheese patty full of the dairy goodness of Wisconsin cheese, the heartiness of farm fresh eggs all complimenting the main ingredient – walnuts.

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Sandwiches and Wraps

Blackened Chicken Caesar Wrap
Tender breast of chicken, blackened, sliced and rolled in a fresh tortilla wrap with Caesar salad greens, jack and parmesan cheeses, tomatoes, onions, croutons, and a wonderful Caesar dressing.  Arrives with a hearty serving of home-cut fries…$12.50

Blackened Salmon Caesar Wrap
The same great Caesar wrap described above, substituting a 4 oz. portion of salmon for the sliced chicken breast.  The salmon portion is charbroiled with blackening spice and your wrap arrives with a hearty serving of home-cut fries…$13.95

Kalua Pig Sandwich
A wonderful mound of pulled pork – slow roasted island style with smoky, salty flavoring.  Served in a whole grain kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise.  Arrives with a serving of home-cut fries…$10.25

Pulled Pork Wrap
A fresh tortilla wrapped around a hearty portion of pulled pork, fresh coleslaw, and a hint of barbecue sauce – rolled up and pressed in the Panini grill to make a delicious, unique wrap.  Arrives with home-made potato chips…$10.45

The Drunken Pig 

A fabulous new pork sandwich.  Slow roasted pulled pork, steamed with Red Jacket Brewing’s Oatmeal Stout, topped with a coarse tangy coleslaw and homemade Irish Marmalade (caramelized onions).  Arrives on a fresh kaiser roll and is accompanied by homemade potato chips and a dill pickle.  Ridiculously delicious! $11.50


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The Herbed Chicken Panini
Grilled chicken breast with fresh spinach, Provolone cheese, and herb mayonnaise between two hearty slices of Panini bread.  Arrives with a generous serving of home-made potato chips…$10.45

The Peppadew Panini
Hearty slices of Panini bread host a charbroiled chicken breast, fresh spinach, Provolone cheese, a creamy garlic spread, and a hint of cayenne pepper.  The ingredients are brought to life by a layer of Peppadews.  This is a great sandwich for taste buds that need a little entertaining.  Arrives with a serving of home-made potato chips…$12.95

The Herbed Tomato Panini
Sliced tomatoes, Provolone cheese, herb mayonnaise and fresh spinach grilled in Panini bread.  Arrives with a generous serving of home-made potato chips and a dill pickle…$8.95

Grilled Ham and Cheese
Panini bread begins a delicious sandwich of thin sliced Vollwerth’s Pit Ham and Cheddar cheese.  Arrives with a generous serving of home-made potato chips…$9.95

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The Cobb Salad
A fresh array of ingredients over a bed of romaine – including char-grilled chicken breast, bacon, crumbled blue cheese, hard-boiled egg wedges, tomatoes, onions and a fresh baked bread stick… $13.50
*Served with a 5 oz. portion of Certified Angus Beef steak medallions… $20.50
Served with a 4 oz. portion of charbroiled salmon… $16.50

The Northwoods Salad
Large platter of mixed greens, baby carrots, cucumber slices, red onions, cranberries, and walnuts with our house Green Goddess Dressing and a fresh baked bread stick… $10.95
Topped with a charbroiled chicken breast…$13.45
Topped with a 5 oz. portion of Certified Angus Beef steak medallions…$20.45
Topped with a 4 oz. portion of charbroiled salmon…$16.45

Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad
Romaine salad and home-made garlic croutons served with Caesar dressing and topped with onions, tomato slices, a chicken breast blackened with a blend of seasonings and a fresh baked bread stick…$11.75
Served with a 5 oz. portion of Certified Angus Beef steak medallions instead of chicken…$18.75
Served with a 4 oz. portion of charbroiled salmon instead of chicken…$14.75

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Michigan House Steak
A 16 oz. Certified Angus Beef French-cut bone-in Rib-eye steak.  This is an incredibly tender, tasty steak.  Charbroiled to order and served with the vegetable of the day, your choice of potatoes or long grain and wild rice blend, a dinner salad, and a fresh baked bread stick…$36.95

Pesto Pasta
Pesto made from fresh basil, pine-nuts, garlic and olive oil served over fettuccini.  Crowned with fresh diced roma tomatoes marinated in herbs and balsamic vinegar.  Accompanied by a fresh baked bread stick and a dinner salad… $13.45

Pesto Pasta with Chicken
Our Pesto Pasta arrives with a sliced charbroiled chicken breast on top…$15.95

Pesto Pasta with Steak
Our Pesto Pasta arrives with a 5 oz. portion of Certified Angus Beef steak medallions charbroiled to order…$19.95

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Pub Fish and Chips
Beer battered Icelandic Cod.  Arrives on a bed of home cut “chips” (French fries) accompanied by malt vinegar – in the Pub fashion.  Includes a dinner salad and a fresh baked bread stick…$14.75

Grilled Lemon Dill Salmon
A generous 8 oz. portion of salmon filet charbroiled with fresh lemon and dill seasoning.  Your dish arrives with choice of potatoes or long grain and wild rice blend, the vegetable of the day, a dinner salad, and a fresh baked bread stick…$21.50

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House Apple Pie
Fresh Granny Smith’s tossed with a blend of cinnamon, brown sugar and nutmeg baked in a deep dish crust and topped with sweet crumbles…$6.50

Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake
This is the ultimate chocolate cheesecake.  Made from scratch with fresh cream cheese, eggs and semi-sweet chocolate, the base is topped with a chocolate almond mousse…$6.50

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